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Pietro Maximoff
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Hey. This is my journal.

Not a diary.


Got it? Good.

Real Name: Pietro Maximoff
Code Name: Quicksilver
Age: 19
Hair: White/Blonde, although he’s dying it different colours right now. At the moment he has it dyed brown.
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male

Superhuman speed, agility, endurance and reflexes, resistance to air friction.


Pietro was raised by his "parents" Django and Marya Maximoff, along with his sister Wanda. Raised as wandering gypsies, Pietro was always a little fast on his feet, always a little impatient with the world around him, but nothing that was it.

Than came the burning of parents home, and the death of Marya. To escape the flames, Pietro grabbed his sister and truly ran, for the first time in his life. Wanda and Pietro lived as best they could for a while, relying on each other, and bonding, and all that. Than Wanda’s mutant powers manifested, and once again their lives where put into danger. This time, Pietro’s quick feet weren’t enough to get them away, and they had to accept the help of, Erik Lehnsherr.

Magneto recruited the twins, claimed to be their real father, and than proceeded to bully and harass them. Pietro was part of the "Brotherhood" up to shortly after the Liberty Island, incident. With Magneto in jail, Pietro took off for parts unknown, leaving his sister behind, but promising to come back to her.

What Pietro went to do was to go and track down Django Maximoff and find out if Magneto was really his father. Django, when confronted, admitted the truth. Yes Pietro and Wanda had been adopted, no, he didn’t know who their real parents had been, as they had found them abandoned.

Not exactly happy with the answers that he had gotten, Pietro made his way back to the US, and joined up with Magneto and co. again (this was post X2). Not overly fond with Genosha, he left after a massive fight with his father, once again promising Wanda that he would come back for her. The Sentinel attack happened before he could, and Pietro had a breakdown, not knowing if his sister was there or not.

Having come, somewhat to grips with things, Pietro has sought out Charles Xavier and his school, as he’s looking for a refuge right now. Also, he thinks that Charles may be able to help him try and see if Wanda is still alive.

whoa, whoa, whoa. I don’t own Pietro, nor do I think I am him. Same for Shane West. this is all in good fun, for the RP xenogenetic Please don’t sue! .